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Recognised as one of Luxe Interiors + Design: Next In Design 99

Discover a fresh perspective on timeless spaces. For over two decades, Stephanie Larsen and her distinguished design team have been at the forefront of interior excellence, renowned as one of the top interior design firms in the region. Their unmatched ability to transform spaces through a personalized and innovative approach has made them the go-to luxury interior designers for a discerning clientele. As Arizona’s number one luxury modern mountain interior designer, a title appointed by Modern Luxury magazine, Stephanie's work blends modern contemporary elements with traditional design, making her a top interior designer.


Stephanie Larsen's projects are more than just renovations; they are artful celebrations of living well. Stephanie ensures that each space is both instantly recognizable and unforgettable, embodying the simple joys of upscale luxury living. Whether you reside in Northern Arizona or across the nation, Stephanie’s firm is welcomes new clients who seek to turn their dream home into a reality. With each space designed to be both instantly recognizable and eternally memorable, Stephanie and her design team are committed to transcending the ordinary, crafting environments that epitomize luxury and grace.




"We are extremely pleased with our home renovation and the vision Stephanie Larsen provided. We trusted Stephanie to bring our preferences and styles into a warm, restful, visually stunning design and she delivered. After the renovation was completed and we moved back in, we continued to discover the benefits of meticulous details we didn’t quite capture in her design concept. We highly recommend Stephanie to prospective homeowners considering any renovation work. We also highly recommend working with Quality Construction led by Paul Aguirre as he is the most trusted and sincere contractor we have ever worked with. His team is comprised of artisan fabricators that put quality above all else and the final product displays that attention to detail. The beauty of working with Stephanie and Paul together is the entire process was stress-free as the two seamlessly coordinated every aspect. Both were excellent communicators, detailed oriented, responsive to inquiries, and most importantly, there were no surprises with the budget and direction of the project. Thank you once again Stephanie and Paul for the amazing vision that expertly transformed into our home of today."

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